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Having the best employment discrimination defense lawyers is essential to the final outcome. Although employers may want to aggressively fight back, sometimes going through a rigorous deposition can make the employee dismiss the case. How you strategize and deal with the case against you is essential.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our employer defense attorney forms a defense team that covers all angles. From the initial internal company investigation, to interviewing witnesses is part of what needs to be done. After all, the company’s reputation is at stake.

Sometimes, disgruntled employees can make matters worse for the company by ‘trying the case in the court of public opinion (media). The point is that we must carefully assess your legal defense strategy. Our employer defense lawyers understand that, in some cases, you will have to go on the offensive to protect your interests.


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Various employment laws in Colorado protect employees in certain situations against unlawful discrimination actions by employers. Our Denver-based employment law practice group focuses on employer defense against wrongful termination lawsuits, minimizing employer liability for a hostile work environment in the workplace, and providing sound whistleblower retaliation lawsuit defense for companies in CO.

Generally, our employment discrimination lawyers primarily focus on defending allegations of discrimination due to race, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, gender discrimination, or sexual harassment. When faced with discrimination allegations in Colorado, employers must take the allegations seriously and conduct internal investigations focused on assessing the veracity of the complaining employee’s claims.

If, after EEOC investigations, the claim proceeds to litigation, businesses must be prepared to financially defend themselves using strong and persuasive evidence. Our Colorado employment discrimination defense lawyers aim to achieve a favorable result that protects their bottom line.


Employment Defense Attorneys in Colorado

Having employee allegations of harassment or discrimination in the workplace brought against your company can have devastating repercussions for recruitment and your employee morale.

If you do not have competent defense counsel, the case can be costly, and at the end of the day, your company could be facing a huge jury verdict.

Colorado employers can turn to the dedicated employment law team at Watson & Associates, LLC. We represent various industry groups including hotels, manufacturers, construction companies, retail and wholesale businesses, government contractors, and hospitality businesses.

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Types of Employment Law Defense Cases We Handle

At Watson & Associates, LLC, our employer defense group handles a variety of trial and litigation defense cases. They include allegations of Race Discrimination, National Origin, Sex Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Religion, Disability Discrimination, Wrongful Termination and More.

Age Discrimination Attorneys

What is Age Discrimiscrimination in Colorado? Such discrimination occurs when an employee, usually aged 40 and older, is treated unfavorably due to their age.

Discrimination and Coverage: If a complaint against you involves age discrimination, then your business is covered by Colorado EEOC laws if it has 20 or more employees who worked for the company for at least twenty calendar weeks (in this year or last).

Our Defense Strategy for discrimination in the workplace: Employers sometimes face false age-related claims. Our approach goes beyond mere defense; we proactively address the situation, ensuring that meritless claims do not stain your company’s image or its financial standing. With a comprehensive internal review, our employment discrimination defense lawyers create a fortified defense strategy for you.


Wrongful Termination Employer Defense Attorneys Denver CO

If you are an employer that just received an EEOC complaint for wrongful termination, our employer defense attorneys can help. We understand that not every employment termination is unlawful. We can help you get to the bottom of the issues and aggressively defend your organization.

Colorado Racial Discrimination Attorneys (Employer Defense Only)

What is racial discrimination in the workplace? Racial discrimination is the unjust treatment of individuals based on their race or ethnicity.

Our Defense Strategy: Our employment discrimination lawyers, well-versed in defending racial discrimination claims, expertly differentiate between legitimate concerns and baseless accusations. Using a mix of internal investigations, we can rebut allegations, often stopping them in their tracks, and safeguarding your business’s reputation.

Gender Discrimination Lawyers (Employer Attorneys)

What is Gender Discrimination? Gender discrimination involves treating an individual unfavorably due to their gender or non-conformity to gender norms.

Our Defense Strategy: Our gender discrimination and employer defense lawyers are not just reactive but proactive. Through careful evaluations, we root out weak spots in accusations and build a fortress-like defense, ensuring your business remains untainted by groundless gender discrimination claims.

Nation Original Discrimination EEOC Attorneys- Denver

What is National Origin Discrimination in Colorado? This form of discrimination concerns unfavorable treatment based on someone’s nationality, ethnicity, or perceived origin.

Our Legal Defense Strategy: Claims of discrimination can be complex. Our work discrimination defense lawyers dissect these intricacies, separating fact from fiction. Through rigorous investigations and experienced trial tactics, as discrimination EEOC. attorneys, we ensure that your company is defended vigorously.

Discrimination Defense Lawyer For Employers in Colorado

Top Colorado EEOC employer defense and discrimination defense lawyer for employers

In Denver, Colorado, the stakes for employers facing discrimination claims have never been higher. Disgruntled employees sometimes file discrimination claims with the EEOC that lack any substantive basis. While the intention may vary, the impact of such claims can have a lasting effect, potentially crippling a company’s reputation and its future endeavors.

CO Employer Defense Group: At Watson & Associates, LLC, our Colorado employment discrimination defense lawyers stand firmly against such unfounded claims, providing the robust and aggressive defense that your company needs.

Our initial approach is to get to the bottom of the issue and report back to the decision-makers. We understand that employers and business owners in Colorado have spent their lives building the company and understand the risk and sometimes embarrassment that disgruntled employees sometimes set out to put in place.

Why Choose Watson & Associates Employment Discrimination and EEOC Employer Defense Attorneys Defend Your Company?

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When facing potential discrimination claims in Colorado, you don’t just need an employer lawyer – you need a partners and EEOC employer defense attorneys that can understand the gravity of the situation.

Practice Leader

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Theodore Watson, Leads the Colorado Office’s EEOC employer defense attorney practice section. He is known for his directness and honesty to clients. The firm will form a specific team for your case and communicate the next steps and strategy throughout the case.


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