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Both your employees and the EEOC can be wrong in their conclusions and allegations.  Innocent employers in Colorado can receive an unfair break. The key to aggressively defending EEOC claims of discrimination in the workplace is to provide a detailed response to the EEOC showing valid and legal employer defenses to discrimination claims. In many cases, those allegations can be overcome with the legal advice and reputation of an experienced employer defense attorney .

What are your Legal Rights as a Colorado Employer

Simply because an employee files a discrimination claim does not mean that you have to immediately settle a case. There are deadlines that the employee must meet. Failure to meet them can give you more negotiation power.

The Colorado EEOC still will perform an investigation that stems from the employee’s complaint.

  • How you respond in the employer rebuttal statement is critical
  • Being able to show that failure to promote or some other adverse act can be justified under the law.
  • As an employer you have the right to come forth with a valid non-discriminatory reason for the alleged discriminatory action.

Denver Employment Defense Attorney Legal Services

colorado employer defense attorney At Watson & Associates, LLC, our employer defense attorneys understand that executive employers want to protect themselves from liability and exposure to the huge charge of discrimination verdicts. At our Denver law office, our employment discrimination attorneys in Denver Colorado provide a wide variety of employment advice for employers.

  • We refine the facts, provide clear direction to our clients while still formulating valid legal employer defenses to discrimination claims.

As employment attorneys, we aggressively provide sound employment legal advice for employers, we carefully examine all aspects of your case and help you take the most viable course of action when it comes to equal opportunity compliance. Some of the various forms of employment discrimination that we can help Denver metro employers can help include:

  • Allegations of wrongful termination
  • Violation of Colorado Hostile Work Environment laws
  • Sexual harassment charges
  • National Origin Discrimination
  • Colorado disability laws
  • Age Discrimination
  • Racial Discrimination.
  • Gender Discrimination lawyers in Denver Colorado
  • Wrongful termination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • EEOC Discrimination based on gender, race or religion
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • EEOC response for employer position statements
  • Employment attorneys Litigation defense for Colorado employers

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The Colorado EEOC makes frequently makes mistakes in its investigations into discrimination and disparities in the workplace. However, if the employee decides to litigate at court, then the employer still has to overcome the burden of proof to defend the discrimination allegations.

  • If you have been wrongly charged with an employment discrimination claim in Colorado, proving your innocence can be difficult.
  • If your employer position statement or internal investigation is flawed, the employee’s chances of winning at trial are significantly increased

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Colorado employers have certain protections under various EEOC employment discrimination laws and regulations. However, many employers still remain exposed to costly litigation because of poor employer position statements to the Colorado EEOC, inadequate employment policies, and procedures or simply not understanding how to apply viable legal defenses when there is an alleged violation of workplace discrimination practices.

At Watson & Associates, LLC, as part of the firm’s business practice, our team of Colorado employment discrimination attorneys ensures that employers can reduce liability while safeguarding their revenues. The law firm uses decades of combined experience to protect your corporate vision while safeguarding your business reputation.

Get Help With EEOC Denver Employer Position Statements

When your employee files an employment discrimination claim alleging a violation of equal opportunity compliance with the Denver EEOC, how you respond as an employer is a very critical step since the employer position statement essentially starts the record in the event that the dispute ends up at trial.  Using the facts under Colorado employment laws and regulations, our employment law attorneys will investigate the facts of each charge of discrimination and prepare sound employer position statements. This information can be held against you at trial.

denver race discrimination defense lawyerSome of the largest employment discrimination verdicts result for cases involving racial discrimination in the workplace litigation. At Watson & Associates, LLC our employment discrimination attorneys and EEOC Denver attorneys and employer defense attorneys and race discrimination attorneys start from the basic records and develop a detailed litigation strategy at the beginning stages.

Employment Practice Lead Attorney Theodore Watson

  • Waiting until a trial is simply too late to deal with a racial discrimination charge. 
  • Get a viable and current employee handbook in place. 

Colorado employers should make sure that they have effective employee handbooks and workplace policies in place when initiating termination of employment actions. This is an area where Watson’s Colorado employment discrimination lawyers can help.

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